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Just as we do with our hotels, we invest significant resources into finding the right associates and helping them be successful at Host. This includes a 24-week orientation program and creating a respectful community and supportive culture that enables our associates to grow and develop personally and professionally. Benefits like our tuition reimbursement program offer up to $15,000 a year. Our management team also invests considerable time to mentor talent and build our bench strength to ensure opportunities for growth and leadership development. Annually, we hold career development discussions with our associates.

Working directly with our president and CEO, a team of associates from across the company represent our corporate values and organize events to regularly bring associates together.

To encourage work-life balance, we offer flexible and alternative work schedules and summer Fridays. Our unique Paid Time Off (PTO) sharing program allows our associates to contribute a portion of their PTO balance to another associate who is seriously ill, has a family member who is seriously ill or is experiencing another emergency situation.

In addition, we promote physical activity in the workplace and proactively communicate preventive health and wellness information. Through our wellness program, we conduct free annual health screenings and flu shots; yoga and other physical exercise classes; healthy cooking demonstrations; and, in our building, we have a free fitness center. We also offer Weight Watchers at Work.