Our Associates Say

"I can honestly say that I have never worked with a nicer, down-to-earth, genuinely team-oriented group of people. The company, at every level, makes you (me) feel valued."

"Everyone has been very nice and welcoming. There also seems to be a conscious effort to re-examine past practices and continually improve them that seems to drive people - and that energy is great to be a part of."

Our Values

  1. Passion about Excellence

    We have a Passion for Excellence in everything we do. We value initiative and creativity, and believe our focus and discipline are essential to everyday Excellence.

  2. Dedicated to Partnership

    We are Dedicated to Partnership and hold a deep respect for the talents and roles of others. We succeed through teamwork and communication.

  3. Committed to Integrity

    We are Committed to Integrity and ethical behavior - to fulfilling our responsibilities and commitments. We are honest with ourselves and with others.

  4. One with Our Community

    We are One with our Community - our many communities. We recognize our responsibility to others, and the balance in our lives reflects the importance of caring for others internally and externally.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier lodging real estate company. We create value through aggressive asset management and disciplined capital allocation.

We strive to be Best in Class by maintaining the best assets, best hotel management and operators and best earnings and dividend growth.

Our goal is to provide superior total returns to our stockholders through appreciation in asset values and growth in earnings and dividends.